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Architectural Designers Christchurch

Established in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1995, Philip Bidwell Architecture Ltd is dedicated to creating beautiful architecturally designed homes that reflect your individuality.

Because we design houses that are as unique as you are, our portfolio is as diverse as the New Zealand landscape and incorporates a range of design styles from contemporary to traditional, large, small, urban and rural.


Whatever your preferred building style, we believe that how well your design interacts with its surroundings and natural environment makes all the difference. Having views, whether panoramic or narrow, and optimising sunlight and shade, are key components that can enhance the pleasure of daily living.

We appreciate just how much character and ambience good landscaping can add to your living environment, particularly when a site is devoid of expansive natural views. We therefore aim to ensure this attribute is developed with every project.

We also believe that at some point even the most social of us seek sanctuary, privacy or retreat. Hence, we value the opportunity to create tranquil, restful spaces that afford these qualities.


Philip Bidwell

Architectural Design Manager, Christchurch

As both an architectural designer and the Practice Principal I enjoy the varied challenges involved in what is both a creative and technical profession. In particular, I find it deeply rewarding to be responsible for results that provide life enhancing architectural solutions.

It is also a privilege and at times humbling to have the opportunity and the responsibilities our client's entrust us with and for that we are very appreciative.

Philip Bidwell


LOGAN TOWNSEND Managing Director
DARIN HINMAN Architectural Production Manager
HONGYU HU Architectural Technician

GRACE HE Architectural Designer