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Timeless Design, Capture views, Outdoor Entertaining

The brief was for a timeless design that would capture views to the west from the Glenstrae site, provide outdoor protection from easterly winds for outdoor entertaining and for the plan to provide flexibility and purpose for a variety of uses including casual and formal dining off a large kitchen.
Construction needed to be robust but also lightweight which inspired the use of cedar as the main cladding material.
Steel frames are used extensively where there is large areas of glass to deal with wind and earthquake loads Interior design had to cater for an eclectic mix of art and furniture and a very large stag head.

The clients involved themselves thoughtfully and constructively through the design process and it was pleasing to participate in its refinement.
It was also very pleasing to be there for the handover at the end of construction and I am greatly looking forward to seeing the development of what they have in mind for detail in respect to furniture and furnishings.