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Sustainable, energy-efficient and sunny, – designed to be enjoyed by many

Designed for a welcoming, hospitable family that loves to socialise and entertain guests, this robust, energy-efficient home was created to be enjoyed and experienced by many.

Set in what was formerly a commercial pine forest, the house overlooks Kina Beach with valleys in the foreground and, a little further out, views across the beautiful Golden Bay.

Again it is a wonderful setting and project to be involved with in the Golden Bay area.

Siting and orientation

Keen that people should really enjoy these wonderful surroundings, the owner (a builder) bulldozed the vast amount of earthworks himself. This was done to ensure that the design for the house, in the main, could be for a flat site and to ensure that a significant amount of easily developed space for entertaining and recreational areas was also provided.

The siting of this house was critical to its success. It always is. So once the building platform was completed we spent quite some time with the clients working out the orientation and positioning to ensure we got the best of the magnificent views while at the same time creating pockets of shelter.

With multiple living areas this modulated design offers a central core where people can come together, with access off to individual retreat spaces and bedrooms, for both family and guests.

The outdoor areas also reflect the modular concept, with individual areas to provide privacy and centralised spaces to allow for recreation and social activities.

The architecture of the house is designed to include a hint of the contemporary but is essentially timeless.

Design features

  • Again a temperate interior climate was to be an essential feature so the house is essentially constructed from mass concrete.
  • This includes concrete tilt panel external wall construction encapsulating a sandwich of polystyrene insulation.
  • Cedar planking and detailing is used in this instance to provide contrast and to visually lighten the building forms.